Delivery terms

When placing an order you need to choose the option of delivery of goods.
Delivery is carried out in two ways:
1) EMS
2) FedEx
Express Mail Service (abbreviated as EMS) is an international express mail delivery service. You pay the shipping cost when placing an order. The shipping cost is fixed - $ 60. Goods will be delivered within 12-15 days.
FedEx is express delivery. Delivery is carried out within 5-7 days. You pay the shipping cost yourself when placing an order. Shipping cost is fixed - $ 120.
To receive an order issued on an advance payment, it is necessary to present any document proving the identity of the Recipient:
-passport of a citizen or foreign passport;
-military ID, temporary certificate issued in exchange for -military ID, or identity card (for persons who undergo military service);
-temporary identity card issued for the period of registration of the passport;
-driver's license;

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